Providing Commercial & Industrial Electrical & Mechanical Equipment & Control Services.


Established in September 2001, Perfect Services has garnered the working experiences in the electrical and mechanical construction service fields and in doing so has developed very extensive skills in technical service applications. As a self starting proactive company with strong interests and the continuation of technical skills development through schooling, education & on the job training we have developed strong customer relationships with local, state and private entity's.

Safety is the primary goal of Perfect Services Company, for all of our customers, employees, contractors & sub contractors to which there is no higher standard. Perfect Services Company is a proud recipient of a PSE&G Safety Excellence Award.

Specialties: Experience with the safe live line (energized) working practices and maintenance procedures involving low-med voltage electric services, panelboard and buss feeds. Our grounding principals are consistent with job application. Electrical underground line maintenance and line construction. Diagnostics service and repair of electronically controlled switchgear components for use in SCADA controlled facilities and/or emergency standby utility operations. Prime mover engine components and emergency standby power generation systems and controls. Facility substations and underground pump, wet well controls and lift stations.

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